Monday, May 9, 2011

am I strong enough?

the envy is just a normal feel
why must this feeling comes?
coz it be a burden to me
hmm at least,..they have someone who could share the happiness and everything..
but then..
Is it the real love to be?
I mean, is it the real person who they r not mistaken..such as 'husband to be'?
I'm not a judgementer
who can judge everythin'

the lonely, sorrow
the sadness which I own..
the feel which I drown on it..:'(
Oh God, make me strong in this moment

I'm just have Allah 
to tell everythin'
I'm depends on him..coz I know
step by step
it will fade away

the real mujahadah is just begin!
do I really could stand on this way?


  1. salam.
    the life must go on..
    biaqlah pe owg nak wat kat kite, janji kite x wat kat org..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. must b strong, ia bukan pilihan..

  4. duniaku abstrak: hmm...thanks 4 yr advice.:) ap mksd ia bkn pilihan..kne trima bnda tu?


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