Sunday, July 29, 2012

when the terrorism towards muslim will be ended??

As salam and hello to all readers. Today, with the name of Allah, most gracious and  merciful, I begin my post. It was a long time since  last month in syaaban I din't write any idea. Sorry, because I've been busy with the driving practices and JPJ test recently. Blogging will not be my priority since my priority changed as I return home. I should do all kind of homework such as cooking,cleaning,sewing,drive and so on. Alhamdulillah, I managed to succed on the car test. So, we should always husnudhzan to Allah.(bersangka baik kepada Allah) . He will give us success in our life if we tried harder towards it,insyaAllah.

Early in the morning, I managed to do some research about our muslim brothers in Syria and Myanmar. Oh!what such a great suffering they have! millions have been killed and torture. The girls and women were raped. The terrorist do not have any sympathy, such a heart in stones.

Please world, I exclaimed to all of readers, the murderer are really,really our ENEMY.not only Islam's Enemy, but OUR ENEMY! So, please, take attention (especially for muslim's reader)
 They are (victims) our part of body, they are part of our soul, they are part of us. If we do not take care of them, the who should?

The prophet Muhammad SAW said;
"whoever do not take knowledge about their brothers, then they are not part of them"
“Barangsiapa tidak mengambil berat tentang urusan umat Islam, maka bukanlah mereka daripada kalangannya”

I exclaimed to all non muslim, it still does'nt matter you do not care about us, but please, please do NOT label the muslim as the terrorist. Stop labelling us as the terrorist. We are not the terrorist, but we have been the victims of terrorism of the Islam's enemy. Nowadays, most of the people killed,burned,raped,jailed are muslim. We hope all of you even we are different in language, culture and state, please support us. 

Pictures from Myanmar and Syria

many were killed without sympathy

the home burned

what a pity children

children killed in Syria

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hati seperti cermin

hati bersifat memberontak
hati umpama cermin

adakah anda mempunyai sifat hati begini?
jika ya, tahniah kerana sifat seperti ini harus ada dalam diri seorang mukmin.
Itu tanda hati kita masih hidup.

klik link ni
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