Friday, February 25, 2011

antara keperluan & fitnah..

facebook...everybody knows about it. It is not as simply as we signed up or sign in the account, but yet we must care on what are our REAL purpose when using fb. Is it just for happy?enjoy? or to keep in touch with  our friends. The reason why I'm creating a fb acc just for 2 reasons.
1. for da'wah.

2. to keep in touch with my old friends.

But then, it is not as simply as I thought, when this contact 'medium' do always annoying, making my mind blunted. It happen when people are simply EXPRESS their anger, sad, happy on their walls. All of these stupid stuff just make me horrible. The expression of feelings are the priority instead of dakwah...

so, make yr BEST decision an how to grab this opportunity for any goodness..:)

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