Tuesday, June 14, 2011

outstanding view..will we?

As salam and hello to all readers.
Thanks to God for giving an opportunity to wrote here.

The chance I have, for this moment makes me realized the real life today.
being passive makes someone angry
being quiet makes someone feel difference, or else annoying people..
although we never meant it.

just now, we are just student who do not know many things
and always feeling awkward be in the laboratory

when my friend ask, "sis, what are you doing?"did you do PAS stain?"
it's really make us guilty when she answer, "do PAS stain has any procedure of heating something??"
she ask,"then, why you said it is the PAS stain??"


later, she ask,"why you go there to observe IP? you do not suppose to learn that, you only suppose to learn special stain!.."

we just observe the IP procedure since we are here, then why she scolded us?
I don't know what kind of behavior she has..

she said, "we do not really want to teach you unless you ask us, be outstanding in this lab, ask us, do work, do not just only see.."

the supervisor is very,very,very kind to us. Then why you treat us like this?
hmm..being so stress because of her, we just say "ok, yes, thank you sis"...='(

moral: behave ourselves, show interest in working although you do not interested with. Thanks for reading this entry.


  1. sis,
    bgantung pd individu actly...ade yg jnis x smpat nk bertanya di ajarnya dlu...ada yg tggu di tanya bru di ajarnya... (^_^")

  2. erm..betul tu.
    kne pandai adapt dgn org kn..
    tp ble kene marah tu yg sedih...
    cara tegur tu..huhu


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